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Reliance Communications Ltd

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Reliance Communications Ltd. (commonly called RCOM)is an Indian Internet access (commonly called "broadband")and telecommunications company headquartered in Navi Mumbai, India.RCOM is India's second largest telecom operator, only after Bharti Airtel.It is the 15th largest mobile phone operator with over 150 million subscribers. Established in 2004,it is a subsidiary of Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group.


The Challenge

After Reliance sent their annual electricity consumption details, it was possible to give a provisional quote for Modern voltage regulator and the energy savings that would be expected.

Reliance especially has a broad a mix of electrical loads, consisting mainly of lighting, HVAC and computers. They already implemented a number of energy efficiency measures across the site: energy efficient high frequency lighting had been installed; all air conditioning units had inverter drives fitted; additionally all IT equipment was protected by a UPS.


The Solution

The energy saving voltage regulator from Modern group was introduced completed on a weekend when there would be no disturbance to Reliance and there was no noticeable change to the operation of Reliance company.




Annual Savings: kWh: 6% CO2: 184,251kg US$27,900. A comparison of these points with the expected level for temperature shows a 6% reduction in average kWh consumption – a figure that delighted the client.

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