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Effectively eliminate 3rd harmonics and reduce input and output neutral current to 0 A

Wenzhou Modern Completed Electric-power Equipment Co.,LTd. is the best China neutral current eliminator, nce manufacturer and supplier, as a professional company, we have our own factory. Welcome to wholesale neutral current eliminator, nce, reduce neutral current, neutral current filter, 3rd harmonic filter, neutral current eliminator, neutral current products from us.

Due to wide use of non-linear loads such as computer, variable speed drives, UPS system, energy saving lamps etc, and massive 3rd harmonics is being produced. The harmonics not only pollutes the network, making power quality worse but also affects the normal function of sensitive electronic equipment.

Besides, 3rd harmonic is zero sequence harmonic, which would superimpose on the neutral line, and eventually have over current risk, it will pose potential safety hazard to equipment and transmission lines and easily cause fire disaster.

The Neutral Current Eliminator(NCE) consists of harmonic excluder which have special magnetic circuit structure and its aid-part, it can effectively eliminate 3rdharmonics and reduce input and output neutral current to0 A.


  • Diverts the flow of harmonic current away from neutral and upstream transformer
  • Reduce high neutral current and neutral-ground voltage
  • Reduce loss and operating temperature in upstream transformer
  • Save energy by reducing harmonic losses and improve power factor
  • Prevent hidden dangers caused by harmonics
  • Easy installation, high reliable and maintenance free


  • Big commercial LED monitor, LED lights
  • Commercial and office buildings
  • Data center, shopping malls
  • Industrial factories
  • Any places that have high neutral current issues addressed by harmonics

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