We Manage Voltage to Protect Your Business

Maintenance free, better equipment protection, more uptime and lower energy costs across a wide range of industries and applications


Maintenance free, better equipment protection, fewer failures, more uptime and lower energy costs across a wide range of industries and applications.

  • Single Phase DBW series: 10-100KVA
  • Three Phase SBW series: 10-5000KVA

Beautiful Inside and Out
Beautiful and slim exterior with advanced industrial workmanship
Compact interior structure compliance with international standard

Patent Roller Carbon Brush Structure
Patent three phase individual voltage regulator, which realizing the whole unit 2/3 smaller than traditional one

High Performance Control
Central control module based on DSP, realize high-speed and high-performance control

Touch Screen HMI
Man-machine interface enable users to know the unit condition clearly

Intelligent Ventilation Control
Optimized design for ventilation, advanced technology and small size
Activate the fans when needed for prolong the life of fans

Complete Protections
Fully considering the function needs under various operating conditions for both loads and unit itself
Malfunction protection, Short-circuit protection, Lack of phase protection, Over voltage protection, Under voltage protection, Safe start

Remote Control Centralized Management by Computer
Install special background monitoring software in computer terminal can realize the remote operation and control

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