We Manage Voltage, You Save Energy

Optimize energy usage, lowering electricity and maintenance costs, extending eletrical equipment's lifetime

Electrical equipment is designed to accept a wide range of input voltages about its nominal design centre. However, if the actual supply is higher than necessary the equipment will consume more power than needed and in many cases, equipment life is reduced, effectively in creasing the cost of ownership. A 230V linear appliance operated at 240V will consume approximately 9% more energy than necessary. A voltage reduction within statutory limits can produce up to 25%(subject to load) reduction in energy consumption and in addition will extend the life of many types of electrical equipments.

By reducing supply voltages to a controlled, site adjustable level, our Voltage Optimization Unit(VOU) allows equipment to operate at optimum efficiency. The result is lower overall running and ownership costs and reduced carbon footprint each kWh of electrical energy saved is equivalent to 0.537kg of CO2.

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