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Independent voltage regulation with maintenance free roller carbon brush for Automatic Voltage Stabilization System

Column-Type Variable Transformer based voltage regulator, with single and three phase units available, it provides a continuously adjustable output voltage for inputs from 220 to 600V. Utilizes a unique roller carbon brush design to create the most dependable and maintenance-free regulatoravailable.


  • Single and three phase configurations
  • Patented auto variable transformer system
  • Unique roller carbon brush design
  • Reliable and quiet servo motor
  • Stepless regulation from 0-100%
  • Step-up available to 15% rated input voltage
  • Short time overload capability
  • Negligible output distortion


  • Scientific research
  • Telecom and testing equipment
  • Industrial ancillary facilities
  • Meet practically any need for varying voltage
  • Provide dependable and precise regulation for many testing applications

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