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Branston is one of the biggest buyers of potatoes in UK.They also grow their own potatoes - on some of the best potato producing land in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Scotland and the South West.Lincoln is where it is all started and it's still the largest.Their other sites are in Somerset, a center of excellence for New and Salad potatoes, and Perth, right in the middle of Scotland’s best potato-producing area. In 2005 Branston started Prepared foods business.It proved so successful that they opened a purpose-built, award-winning factory in 2009 at Lincoln site.

The Challenge

Branston spent over £14 million in recent years making sure their facilities are the best in the industry and they pays close attention to environmental issues.

Modern was challenged to establish whether Power saver could deliver the results the company was looking for.


The Solution

After a site survey Modern power saver were installed at the Lincoln site firstly. Proved to be the most effective solution to help achieve carbon emission targets when

considered against other viable alternatives, presented manufacturing has been an effective, guaranteed way of saving energy consumption.



The results are impressive a reduction in the total electricity consumption by 17.6%. Not only has this cut expenditure on electricity, it is also helping Branston reduce its CO2 emissions. Maintenance costs on machinery are expected to fall as a result of running at the correct load while the life span will be extended

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