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Garner Osborne

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Garner Osborne is a UK leading specialist in printed circuit board (PCB) design, manufacture and assembly.Brings years of experience in PCB Manufacture to offer customer superior product. In state-of-the-art factory in Newbury, Berkshire, use the most advanced technology, operated by extremely skilled personnel, to make high quality, fully tested PCB products for a very diverse range of customers.


The Challenge

Garner Osborne working towards ISO-14001, the international standard for improving environment performance - reducing their impact on the environment. They are looking to reduce waste in any form across their entire operations with a strong commitment to identifying and controlling their environmental impact and improving their environmental performance.


The Solution

Modern guaranteed savings of 7% and proof of minimal disruption a 300KVA voltage power saver Unit was installed on site, after findings with a cost value analysis and feasibility study to Garner Osborne following a full site survey.


Customer Quotations

Garner Osborne are constantly looking to reduce our impact on the environment and Modern give us greater efficiency and providing further savings on top
of those promised.

-----------Nigel Priest, Operations Director.



Since installation, there has been a reduction due to over voltage and quality of the electricity supply has improved with return on investment 2 years 9 months.

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