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Moto Hospitality

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Moto Hospitality is a company which operates 58 motorway service stations across the United Kingdom.Its currently the UK’s biggest service area operator.Well known High Street brands such as Marks and Spencer's Simply Food, Costa Coffee, Burger King,WH Smiths, EDC, and BP to name but a few,every site is slightly different. All offer a combination of individual shops and restaurants, providing a food and coffee service, retail facilities and fuel.


The Challenge

In conjunction with the Carbon Trust, Moto-way developed a carbon strategy with an ambitious aim to reduce its carbon footprint by 17% before the end of 2010. Modern were challenged to demonstrate whether voltage optimization would achieve sufficient savings in energy consumption and show that the resultant reduction in carbon emissions would make a positive and cost efficient contribution to the group's carbon strategy.


The Solution

Performance results from the initial installations show average savings of between 15 to 18% in energy consumption at each site. Moto hospitality found immediate savings, agree to install further more units in order to verify the actual saving results.



Modern energy saving units reduced the varying incoming line voltages at the Moto-way site from between 233 and 244 volts to 215 volts at all times and on all phases. Modern was therefore reduced from 219 kW at the higher voltage to 185 kW at the reduced voltage, translating to average power savings of 15.7%.Financially, the Modern installation is delivering a US$24,649 annual saving.

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