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Debenhams plc was founded in the eighteenth century as a single store in London and has now grown to 178 locations across the UK, Ireland and Denmark. It sells a range of clothing, household items and furniture and has been known since 1993 for its 'Designers at Debenhams' brand range.Company announced in January 2013 that it planned to increase the number of international franchise stores to 150 within 5 years.


The Challenge

The company pays close attention to environmental issues and is a member of the Carpet Industry.Environmental Network. Debenhams in bangor the center is lit with metal halide lamps installed in ceiling fixtures of over 20 meters in height. Due to the frequent voltage fluctuations. Modern was challenged to establish whether power saver would deliver the results the company was looking for.


The Solution

Debenhams chose modern power saver due to voltage stabilization, which eliminates over voltages and improves power quality. In addition, power saver provide immediate savings without requiring any changes to be made to the lighting equipment or electrical infrastructure.


Customer Quotations

After the Modern power saver units were installed,instances of this problem due to power spikes totally disappeared, and I have more time available to do the other important maintenance jobs in the building.

-------Kevin, Building Supervisor

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