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Fuller's Brewery is an independent family regional brewery founded in 1845 in Chiswick, West London. Fuller’s is most widely known as the brewer of London Pride, one of the UK’s leading premium cask ales, as well as many other award-winning ales.

The Challenge

Fuller’s formulated an environmental policy to make every effort required to improve or safeguard the environment and act in an environmentally responsible manner in regards to operations, products and services. With this they were looking to achieve specific and measurable results in relations to their energy consumption.

The Solution

The brewery aims to reduce energy consumption and consequently the group’s carbon footprint. Modern conducted a full site survey and provided a proposal which guaranteed minimum savings of 12% and one Modern power saver was installed. Modern helped the voltage, machines and equipment of the factory to operate more efficiently.



Reduction in energy consumption: 17.0% Amount of Carbon Emissions reduction: 21 Tonnes Modern power saver were installed in breweries.They stabilized and controlled the voltage supplied to the entire breweries. Power saver achieved 17% in energy savings, but more importantly it solved Fuller’s main problem carbon emission.

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