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Lush is a cosmetics retailer headquartered in Poole, Dorset United Kingdom. Founded in 1994, Lush is dedicated towards producing fresh handmade cosmetics. The name Lush was the result of a competition that founders Mark and Mo Constantine published in their first handmade newsletter and catalogue. In 1994, husband and wife Mark and Mo Constantine opened the first LUSH store in Poole, England, under the name Cosmetics to Go. Lush adopted its current name on 10 April 1995. There are now over 800 stores in 51 countries. Lush produces and sells a variety of handmade products, including soaps, shower gels, shampoos and hair conditioners, bath bombs, bubble bars, face masks, and hand and body lotions for various skin types.


The Challenge

LUSH, actively sought a transparent technology that would effectively reduce their carbon footprint, reduce their electricity costs and would do so in an effective secure and

reliable way. lighting, air handling units and computers also contribute to an annual power consumption of around 558,000kWh and electricity bills of US$79594.3 per year.


The Solution

The Management team of LUSH entrusted the Modern’s technology to achieve savings in electricity consumption and to minimise the CO2 emmisions.Towards the start of

2010, 500kVA voltage power saver from Modern was installed at LUSH which will reduce the overall energy consumption on the site, reduce both their energy bill carbon footprint.


Customer Quotations

We are very pleased with the results to date and have recorded electrical consumption savings of up to 18%. These savings have been achieved in spite of increased production at our facility. ---------Gary Wells, Facilities Manager, Lush Cosmetics



17.9% reduction in power costs and carbon emissions. 25% annual reduction in equipment failure rates. By removing the risk of under or over Modern’s units not only allows for savings up to 17.9% more than a fixed reduction system. But helps to protect electrical equipment and reduce maintenance costs.

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