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Energy Saving

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Electrical equipment has to be designed to accept a range of input voltages about its nominal design centre, but if the actual supply is higher than necessary for proper operation, the equipment will consume more power than needed and also in many cases life is reduced - both increasing the cost of ownership.

Substantial savings in power consumption and improvements in operating life can thus be obtained by a reduction of the supply voltage. Where the mains supply is stable, a fixed-ratio 'energy saving transformer', dropping the voltage by a suitable amount, typically 5-8%, is suitable.

However, where the mains supply is unstable, and particularly if the electricity supply company enforces its own 'energy saving' by voltage reduction, the result may be to reduce the equipment supply below acceptable operating limits. This may be overcome by using a mains voltage stabilizer in 'energy saving mode' where the output is stabilized at a lower than nominal value, e.g. 220V on a 230V nominal supply.

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