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The requirement of high quality mains supply for modern computerized medical equipment is high. Maintaining correct incoming mains supply to many types of medical imaging equipment is crucial to obtaining consistently usable exposures. MODERN has for many years manufactured power conditioner for medical system used to provide clean power to medical imaging and therapy equipment like X-ray, CT, MRI etc. The increasing sophistication of other types of medical electronics demands that attention be paid to line voltage quality if errors and inaccuracies are to be avoided. 

MODERN series SBW-YL power conditioners are well suited to such applications and are available to cover all power requirements from 1 kVA to several hundred kVA. The special integrated isolation transformer inside the power conditioner helps to prevent electrical noise and transients on the line which can cause “artifacts” in the digital image and may result in misdiagnoses.

Ideally, power conditioners should be specified and supplied at the time of first installation but it is often only realized after the medical equipment is taken into service that unstable mains supply is the cause of problems. This is why medical imaging equipment OEMs require or recommend power conditioning.

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