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Highly available, redundant, and scalable double conversion on-line power protection

10 kVA 3 Phase Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS

Single/Three phase
Input voltage:
220/380V, 230/400V ±20% or customized
Output voltage:
220/380V, 230/400V ±1-5%
Power factor:
Type of technology:
Servo type with roller carbon brush
Type of regulation:
Independent voltage control
LED/Touch Screen HMI

1-10KVA Uninterruptible Power Supply, RST Series On-Line High Prequency UPS for Power Failure, Lightning Spike, Rack Mount


  • It adopts standard frame structure design. The structure is compact.
  • Sine wave output no matter in AC mode or battery mode can provide sine wave power source with low distortion. It provides the best power source guarantee for the load equipments of users.
  • Zero-delay:when the utility power is cout off or recover, there is absolutely no time between the transfer of AC mode and battery mode. It effectively ensures the reliability of load operation.
  • Input null line and fire wire detecting function:it can detect if the null line and fire wire are wrongly connected. It avoids wrong connection of null line and fire wire of UPS AC power input.
  • It has voltage breakthrough protection and strong anti-interference function.
  • Input power factor correction:UPS can correct the input power factor. Under full load, the input power factor can reach over 0.95so that the electric environment of the users will not be polluted;

10 kVA 3 Phase Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS