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Rack/Cabinet Lithium Battery Energy Storage System

The ESS system is a high-performance off-grid energy storage system independently developed by Dingke Energy. It uses high-quality lithium iron phosphate cells and is equipped with an intelligent BMS battery management system. It has long cycle life, high safety performance, good sealing, and is equipped with high-frequency off-grid the inverter, built-in MPPT controller, provides efficient and reliable energysolutions for PV off-grid power generation systems, homes PV storage systems, and industrial and commercial energy storage systems.

The system is equipped with a self-developed APP, supports IOS/Android mobile phones, remotely controls the charging and discharging of the ESS system, and real-time system operation data. When the system fails, it can be quickly eliminated and the effective power supply can be restored efficiently.

Rack/Cabinet Lithium Battery Energy Storage System