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Allowing you to precisely emulate your required frequency and voltage for overseas equipment

2000-3000 Portable Outdoor Power Supply

Portable mobile power supply is a portable energy storage power supply thatintegratesmultiple functions. It has built-in high-performance A-grade lithium iron phosphate batteries, high-quality BMS management system, and high-efficiency inverter conversion circuit. It can be used as a home, office, outdoor camping and emergency backup power supply. Mains or solar power available charging, can provide rated 220V/ 3200W AC output, 5V/12V DC output, USB output, Type C, wireless output.

  • Large capacity,High power
  • Pure sine wave output,
  • 0.3S quick start, High efficiency
  • Support QC3.0 fast charging, support PD18-65W fast charging, 15W wireless charging
  • LCD display, visualization of operating data

2000-3000 Portable Outdoor Power Supply