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Power Conditioner For Testing

Power Conditioner For Testing

Power Conditioner For Testing Power Conditioner For Testing
Product Description

Wenzhou Modern Completed Electric-power Equipment Co.,LTd. is the best China power conditioner for testing manufacturer and supplier, as a professional company, we have our own factory. Welcome to wholesale power conditioner for testing, step up transformer, step down transformer, single phase transformer, dry type transformer, 3 phaes transformer products from us.

Many tests like product aging & safe testing, EMC testing, QC testing etc. conducted at lab, product testing and R&D institute, factory testing department will need different voltages for different loads, a power source with different output voltage is a best solution.

SBW-CS series Power Conditioner for Testing provide voltage control for any electrical testing applications. It is custom engineered test sets offered in standard, modular format or can be customized to your exacting specifications. We offer a range of testing modules for OEMs, quality control, circuit breaker testing, HVAC, motor test and production, white goods, engineering/quality assurance labs, and product life cycle testing.


• Extreme wide output regulated voltage range, automatic stable after voltage setting

• Regulate voltage for each phase to solve three phase voltage unbalance, and the output voltage can be regulated freely within working voltage range
• Accurate meters indicating phase to phase voltage and current
• No phase shift, no added voltage wave distortion
• High reliability, can withstand over load for short time
• Low noise, high efficiency
• Low cost of ownership due to efficiency and virtually maintenance free operation

• Isolation output different voltage and stimulate voltages for different countries on request


• Input voltage range: Three phase 380V±10~20%

• Output voltage range: Three phase 310V~500V
• Accuracy: ±1%~±5% selectable
• Capacity: 10KVA~1000KVA
• Efficiency: ≥98%

• Input and output voltage range and rating can be custom designed



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