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Extreme Wide Range Voltage Stabilizer

Extreme Wide Range Voltage Stabilizer

Extreme Wide Range Voltage Stabilizer
Product Description

In the developing countries, especially the remote areas, the mains power is extremely unstable. And the input voltage range (especially the minimum voltage) is very wide. For example, the

low input voltage can be down to 88V (the rated line to neutral voltage is 220V) that results in

the electrical equipment cannot start and operate. The common voltage stabilizer cannot handle the extreme low and unbalance voltage. Even if those can reluctantly work, the output power is de-rated a lot due to low voltage and high current situation. A special voltage stabilizer with a step-up transformer can some how solve the problem, but it has the disadvantages of high

cost, low efficiency and more space occupation.


  • Extremely wide voltage regulation range: 88-264Vac (L-N), or can be customized
  •  10-100KVA single and three phase, rated voltage can be customized 
    Individual regulation of each phase for unbalance load
  • Unique small dimension
  • Reliable and quiet servo motors
  • Wheels mounted for easy installation
  • Overvoltage and undervoltage cut off delay
  • Sine wave output(regardless of input waveform)
  • High Mean Time Between Failure(MTBF)
  • By-pass switch available for easy maintenance
  • Auto power-on function on request 


Our special designed ZSBW series extreme wide range voltage stabilizer adopting patent voltage regulator used to cope with input voltage down to 88V, and output voltage regulated to rated 220V without de-rated input

power a lot. Its high cost effective, reliability, high performance and long lifetime are all backed by a world

class organization with decades of mains power experience. It is applied for any loads like telecom, medical,

industrial, commercial and household applications.

  • Nominal system voltage 380/220 V, or other rated voltage
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz 
  • Input voltage range: 88-290V(see graph), or on request
  • Regulation accuracy 2.5% (adjustable, 1-5 %) 
  • Overvoltage cut off 242 V (adjustable) 
  • Undervoltage cut off 176 V (adjustable) 
  • Overvoltage cut off delay 4-7 s 
  • Undervoltage cut off delay 4-7 s 
  • Ingress protection IP20 (outdoor version on request) 
  • Standards fulfilled CE



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