Advanced Industrial
Voltage Stabilizer & Voltage Optimizer

Better equipment protection, fewer failures,more uptime and lower
energy costs across a wide range of industries and applications.

  • Single Phase JAJA series: 1-20KVA
  • Single Phase DBW series: 10-100KVA
  • Three Phase SBW series: 10-5000KVA
Beautiful Inside and Out
  • Beautiful and slim exterior with advanced industrial workmanship.
  • Compact interior structure compliance with international standard.
Patent Structure

long lifetime roller bursh

  • Patent three phase individual voltage regulator, which realizing the whole unit 2/3 smaller than traditional one.
Control Board

High peformance ARM chip

  • Central control module based on DSP, realize high-speed and high-performance control.
  • With SMT technology, the reliability and supply of PCB will be highly improved.

Digital display

  • Man-machine interface enable users to know the unit condition clearly.
  • Support the standard Modbus communication protocol, support remote control with GPRS.
Intelligent Ventilation
  • Optimized design for ventilation, advanced technology and small size
  • Activate the fans when needed for prolong the life of fans.
Complete Protection
  • Fully considering the function needs under various operating conditions for both loads and unit itself.
  • Malfunction protection, Short-circuit protection, Lack of phase protection, Over voltage protection, Under voltage protection, Safe start.
Remote Control

Centralized management by computer

  • Install special background monitoring software in computer terminal can realize the remote operation and control.
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